Reitereum Global initiative Global

Reitereum’s core values are built upon transparency and trust we carry this forward into our Global Initiative Fund. Through the power of community the blockchain thrives and is nurtured to where we are today. We hope to take the same collaborative spirit and help those in the world that are in need. Basic necessities such as clean water are not available to huge populations.

The Reitereum global initiative program will start there Africa Project which will be providing clean water for villagers who have been denied access or have to walk miles daily for water.

The World Health Organization estimate a clean water well to cost US $8000 to construct, we will work with local partners to build wells for villages that are the most in need In.

Our goals are to work with international partners to provide basic medical care to those in need. Vaccinations and medical clinics that are mobile to help reach remote and underserved areas. These future initiatives also involve building schools for those children that would normally not have access to a basic education.

Each individual token holder will be entitled to one vote and as a collective we can tackle one issue at a time as voted upon by our Reitereum global community. The Reitereum Global initiative will set aside 2% of all funds raised from our token offering to begin our charity initiative.

Contact us : [email protected]